Forex PAMM Managed Account

Whether your investment objectives include income, growth or a combination of the two, we can help you take a disciplined approach to investing in the foreign exchange market. We offer both individual and institutional investors an opportunity to benefit from our market knowledge and experience.

The increasing complexity of the financial markets is one reason why more and more investors are turning to full-time (not part-time) professional investment managers. With a professionally managed forex portfolio under CITADEL FOREX FUND MMANAGEMENT, you don’t have to constantly monitor the  currency market or try to keep abreast of market movements; we, managers do that for you.

Minimum Investment:                                                      $100 (Recommended $1,000)
Maximum Investment:                                                        No
Regulated Broker:                                                              Yes
Instant Access to Your Money:                                          Yes
Segregated Account:                                                          Yes
Transparency:                                                                     Yes
Monthly Performance Fee from the profits generated:      40%
Minimum Term of Deposit:                                                180 days (Optional)

Why choose our PAMM managed account
· Full time Traders with over 11years of experience in the forex markets
· Many years only forward tested (can't be back tested) and proven manual trading strategy returning high percentage profits with emphasis on capital preservation, and low drawdown
· Accounts opened with one of the leading forex brokers.
· Safety of funds - your funds is 100% segregated and are secured with top tier banks which are globally recognized financial institutions.
· $100 (Recommended $1,000) Low minimum investment and fair profits sharing
· You pay Performance Fee only when we make profits for you
· Capital Protection available - we limit your downside risk to 30% of your capital, whilst maximizing your returns
· We have no deposit and withdrawal access to your funds - only the ability to trade your account
· View your account balance in real time, 24/7 using any internet enabled device
· Get daily statements of your accounts transactions in your e-mail.
· Complete flexibility for your investments - withdraw parts or all of your funds any time.
What's Forex Managed PAMM Services?
 We manage investors’ funds through a PAMM system.
PAMM Account (Percentage Allocation Management Module) is a trading account that consists of one or several accounts of investors which form one whole trading structure where the trading is carried out by the Managers.
The principal of PAMM functioning is sharing the profits and losses in proportion. PAMM account is a convenient financial instrument for the Investor as it maximally simplifies the procedure of investing, minimizing the risks for the investors as well as for the Manager as it provides convenient ways of managing Investors' accounts.

 PAMM accounts are convenient financial instruments: -
            For the Investor as it maximally simplifies the procedure of investing, minimizing the risks;
            For the Manager as it provides convenient ways of managing Investors' accounts regardless of their numbers.

 The benefits of PAMM accounts for the Investor: -
            Security system giving the Manager a possibility to trade with the accounts but not giving him a chance to withdraw funds from there;
            Absolute freedom of action: the possibility for Investor to put in or to withdraw funds at any time.
 At the moment PAMM accounts are an almost perfect instrument of investing your money. The convenience is maximal while chances of fraud are minimized. That's why investors are advised to invest money by the PAMM scheme.

Brief of Our PAMM investment program
 If you are looking to make an investment rather than trade yourself then our managed accounts could be the perfect solution for you, offering no hassle hands free trading.
Our PAMM account is individually managed by us (seasoned forex traders) manually with our own individual trading techniques. Unlike other investments you can be 100% sure that the manager isn't going to run off with your money because although we have access to your investment to trade with, we are unable to withdraw your money or use it for any other purpose than trading.
You can get your investment (plus profits or minus losses) back at any time by simply using the withdrawal form in the client portal.
 At the end of the trading period, the profit gained on the PAMM managed account will be distributed between all participants (the investors) of the PAMM accounts and the Fund Managers receive the reward specified in the PAMM proposal, which is represented in percentage terms from the total profit for the trading period.

NOTE: To access us by our performance when investing with us, the minimum period of investment should not be less than six (6) months; the recommended period of investment is one (1) year. An Investor can request a Withdrawal or Close his/her account at any time. At that point all open trades for the specific Investor Account will be closed by the system. Withdrawals are processed within 24 hours.

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