Q. How do I open an investor account?
A. We provide Instructions for opening an investor account. If you have further questions, we can often help with what you need to know, or find out for you from the broker, as well as provide you the names of specific contact people to get the most information quickly.
Q. What is the minimum amount to open an account?
A. $50 (Recommended $1,000)
Q. Do I have to open my own broker account in order to participate in a managed account program?
A. Yes, you have to open a Forex trading account with the broker used by our managed account program. You open the account in your name.  
Q. Can I choose my own broker and ask the fund manager to use it for managing my account?
A. No. Your account must be opened at the same broker as all others which will be under management in our program. The fund manager for the program has access to software that allows trading of these accounts as a group -- but they must all be at the same broker for the fund manager to use this.   
Q. If I already have an existing self-trade account and want to invest in the managed account, how do i go about it?
A. You would have to follow the procedure in our Investment proposal and move funds from your self-traded account into our pamm account.
Q. Does a forex managed account ever close to new investors? What if I am in the process of opening my account when that happens?
A. Yes, sometimes a managed program reaches a limit and must close to new investors. Usually, if you have already submitted your Account Application to the broker, your account will still be permitted to join the managed program. To make sure, however, you should always fund your account as soon as possible. Many brokers will allow you to submit funds at the same time as your application, to speed up the process.
Q. How do I deposit funds to my broker account?
A. You can deposit funds to your account through Bank wire, Mastercard/Visacard credit/debit card, Skrill, Neteller, Megatransfer etc. Login to your account and deposit your funds. You will need have an account with one of this payment options. 

Q. What is the minimum and maximum investment amount?
A. Minimum investment amount is $50 (Recommended $1,000), and there is no specific maximum investment amount as the Forex market can support an investment of almost any size.
Q. Why do some Managed accounts have a minimum deposit higher than others, and yet the net profit history is lower than the others?
A. A lower net profit history usually comes in association with a lower history of drawdown, or lower risk of loss. The reason one might choose such an account is motivated as much or more by lowering risk, as by making profits. But because of the lower profit objectives, the account manager makes less money from their profit share -- and they have a certain minimum they wish to make, which they aim to achieve by requiring a higher minimum account size. It is not uncommon to see minimums of $10k, all the way up to $100k -- so what we are presenting to investors here is an exceptional set of opportunities.
Q. How do I withdraw funds from my account?
A. To withdraw funds, you simply execute a withdrawal just as you would normally from any other broker account. Login to your account and withdraw your funds. But first you have to remove funds from your pamm investor account.
Q. Do I need to keep my money in the managed account for a certain period of time to avoid penalties like mutual funds?
A. No, there are no penalties for withdrawing from the managed account program at any time you choose.   
Q. Do the traders for my managed account have access to my funds?
A. No, the funds in your Forex managed account are in your name at the broker. You are the proprietor of this account and the only one who can make deposits to or withdrawals from this account. The only power you grant to the traders for the managed program is the power to trade your account which also authorizes deduction of the agreed Performance Fee/profit share ("incentive fee") stated in our PAMM Proposal. This deduction will be done by the broker.
Q. If I do not withdraw profits, do you reinvest -- i.e. compound -- automatically?
A. Yes, eventually profits left in your account will be considered an addition to invested funds, and will be factored into trade size calculations for future trades.

Q. How do I verify the status of my account?
A. Login to your client portal with your Account number and password to view the status of your account any time.
Q. Can I open or close trades in the account that is being managed for me?
A. No. A managed account can only be traded by the fund manager you authorize. You can decide to withdraw your funds from the managed account by removing funds from the managed account to your main account.  
Q. Can I stop my account from being traded at any time I choose?
A. Yes. To stop trading, you would have to withdraw your funds from the managed account.
Q. Can i protect my account from further losses, should the fund managers trade poorly?
A. You can set a capital protection for your capital when opening an investment account with us. In as much as we are working under 10% risk to investors capital in the conservative PAMM account, and 20% to investors capital in the aggressive PAMM account, we recommend 70% capital protection in the conservative PAMM account and 60% capital protection in the aggressive PAMM account. Note that we are currently managing an aggressive PAMM account.
Q. What is Performance Fee?
A. We charge 40% Performance Fee from the profits made each month. In the case we do not make any profits, we receive no Manager's Fee and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make all money we have lost back.
Q. How is Performance Fees calculated? What if there is a loss?
A. At the end of the first month after your account begins trading, if there is a profit, the broker will deduct the Performance Fees, which has been authorized when investing with us. Each month they will do the same. The Performance Fee is a percentage of the net profits per month from the "watermark" of previous highs. If there are no profits in a given month, there are no Performance Fees. The high equity point established after Performance Fees are calculated creates the "watermark" which must be surpassed before any future profits may again be calculated. Example: you start with $10,000 in an account with a performance fee of 40%, and during the month there is $4000 in gross profit. The Manager's Fee deducted would be 40% of $4000, which is $1600, so your net profit would be $2400, and your account would now have a "watermark" new balance of $12,400. If in the next month there was a loss of $1000, there would be no Manager's Fee deducted, since there is no profit, and your new balance would be $11,400. Your "watermark" is still $12,400. In the third month, if there was $3000 in gross profit, then the Manager's Fee would be calculated on only $2000 of that, since the first $1000 in profit gets your account back up to its "watermark" of $12,400. So the Manager's Fee would be 40% of $2000, or $800, and your net profit for that month would be $2200 (which is $1000 + $1200), and your new account balance would be the new "watermark" of $13,600 (which is $11,400 + $1000 + $1200).  
Q. When is the monthly Performance Fee deducted from my account?
A. The monthly Performance fee is usually deducted by the broker on or near the first of each calendar month. Only the broker can say exactly what date they use, however, though generally you can expect it will be about the same time every month.
Q. What are the risks involved with a Forex managed accounts?
A. Risks of Forex trading are described on the Terms and Use page. Basically the managed account program provider is acting as a trader just as you would yourself, if self-trading your account, so the same risks apply to them, and thus to you and your account, as if you were trading it yourself. You are exposed to the risk of draw down or loss in your account whether it is managed by someone else or whether you trade it yourself. Please read the Terms of Use page.
Q. I have seen articles warning of forex frauds and scams -- how can I determine if a program is legitimate?
A. This is an important question of which we are keenly aware. Please read our detailed information in the Forex Managed Account Anti-Scam Guide page.  
Q. What are the benefits of portfolio diversification, such as by opening a managed Forex account in addition to my other investments?
A. Here are some reasons to diversify.
     1) Investment advisers have always advocated diversification.
     2) Most investor portfolios are heavily concentrated in the stock market and or bond market.
     3) Most of the mutual funds are highly correlated to each other and the market.
     4) Protecting yourself from the risks associated with investment concentration is important to your financial well-being.
     5) Forex is not correlated to the stock market, so it provides true diversification to lower your overall investment portfolio risk.
     6) Forex offers profit/loss potential regardless of market direction, unlike some other markets (no “Bear” Market).
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