Low minimum investment: Get access to seasoned forex traders with a minimum investment of $50 (Recommended $1,000), affordable to everyone. You pay only monthly performance Fee. You do not pay any fees, neither at the beginning nor at the end or any other fixed fees for managing account. We charge 40% performance Fee of the profits made each month. In the case we do not make any profits, we receive no performance Fee and if we make a loss, we will not be paid until we make all money we have lost back.

Professional Traders: The key to successful trading and steady profits accumulation are great traders. And we are one of them! Now you got the chance to invest with us through our managed accounts services.

Great Money Management: We follow strict money and risk management rules in order to protect your money.

Ability to Achieve Profit or loss in Rising or Declining Markets: Unlike equity and fixed income, managers of a forex account employ both long and short position with equal facility. In forex trading there is no difference in profit potential (or loss potential) between a long and short position. Because of this characteristic, a forex portfolio is not 'biased long' but able to profit under any market conditions.

Global Diversification: The performance of equity and fixed income investments in one country is often highly correlated with the performance of equity and fixed income investments in other countries. As a result, global portfolios composed solely of equity and fixed income investments lack full diversification, even if they are geographically dispersed. Investing in forex gives investors access to markets beyond equity and fixed income investments, providing more complete diversification and reduction in portfolio risk. The profitability of large investment bank like Morgan Stanley, J.P Morgan and Merrill Lynch often depend on foreign currency trading (forex). For example, when Goldman Sachs first became profitable far beyond analyst expectations after the financial bailout of 2008, they attributed their profitability to their Forex trading division.
 The trade balance shows the net difference over a period of time between a nation’s exports and imports. When a country imports more than it exports, the trade balance will show a deficit, which is generally considered unfavorable to that nation’s currency and many investors know that they should diversify some of their assets into foreign currencies to avoid this, but to do so is difficult. Most U.S. banks, for example, do not offer foreign currency accounts. But by trading Forex, you instantly control hundreds of thousands of dollars’ worth of foreign currencies. For every $1,000 margin deposit, you can control up to $100,000 worth of Euros… or British Pounds… or whatever currency you believe will rise in the future.

Reduce Portfolio Risk While Enhancing Returns: When combined with an investor's existing portfolio of equity and fixed income instruments, our Forex Managed Account program potentially reduces the volatility and risk of that portfolio with the goal of enhancing long term returns.

Risk Control: Investing in Forex incorporates disciplined risk control procedures in order to limit risk and achieve the smoothest possible growth in its investor account values. Leverage is an acceptable and useful tool when used wisely and with strict risk management techniques. Investors in Forex with us are therefore able to achieve a high rate of return with a level of risk control that is not possible with traditional "buy and hold" investments likes stocks, etc.
 The control of risk in our clients account is one of the most important things we are focused on.

Complete Transparency: we provide you with the possibility of checking your account at any time to know your profit/loss. Therefore, you have access to monitor your account 24/7. The only thing you need is a simple PC program, ipad, mobile phone and access to the Internet. Daily statements of your account transactions are also sent to your e-mail by the forex broker every 24hrs.

Safety of Funds: Your funds are segregated from the broker funds and held in top tier banking institutions in your name and secure and cannot be used for any other purpose. This means you remain the only proprietor of capital invested. The broker is not allowed to send your investment to another account and never will, because they are being audited and verified.

Instant Access to Your Money: Your money is liquid – Our PAMM managed account is not a fixed term account and you are not bound to any certain period.  If you decide to make a withdrawal, you have full right to do it any time. You can withdraw your profit monthly or allow it grow with compound interest.

Hands Free Earning: Our Company is set up for those who don't have the time to constantly monitor currency market or tries to keep abreast of market movements and are tired of actually doing something to earn money. We do everything necessary instead of you, making it easy for you to retire early. You will only monitor your account to check how much we earn for you.

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