About Us

Team: We are a group of seasoned traders and forex market analysts with years of experience. Together, we have united our skills and knowledge to be able to provide you with a reliable "asset-growth" opportunity in the foreign exchange market, an investment that thrives in any economic situations (a recession proof investment). We are working full-time, six days a week taking a professional and logical approach when it comes to managing our clients’ funds.

Goals: Our goal is simple and clear. We want to make high and stable profits for our clients, thereby making their money work for them.

Mission: Our mission could be described as following: safe, stable and profitable management of our clients’ money, providing them a bridge to financial freedom and to give everyone a chance to take part in one of the investments of the rich.

What makes us stand out? No matter the direction, we've got the formula. Trading in the financial markets is not an easy task at all. It is not possible for one to become good at it during several months. It requires a lot of time, work and effort. What make us stand out are our traders with hard work, research, good market interpretation, well followed rules and great results which enables us to offer you the best services, including safe and proven trading systems under our control, a trading system where every other system are developed in reference to. Another very important thing is our safe money management and unique risk management that protect your account. We have actually paid our dues to be where we are today.


Our Strategy: Our strategy is made up of a combination of manual, intraday, technical, fundamental, and price action trading which enables us to place high probability of winning trades with stop loss. Our trading strategy is FIFO complaint, no martingale, no grid, no averaging, no pyramiding, no arbitrage, no high frequency trading and no hedging. Our trading strategy is discretionary, adapts to any market changing conditions and has low capacity constraint (Ability to be applied in large volume accounts). We cut our losses and ride the trends. We lay emphasis on capital preservation. We open only one trade per currency pair.

   We use an integrated approach to currency analysis which combines intraday fundamental, technical and valuation analysis to provide the clearest picture of what is going on in the market. This integrated approach is the most powerful, consistent and profitable form of currency analysis. It enables us to place high probability of winning trades.

   We never use any kind of robots/EAs. No robot/EA can make you rich. A robot can never understand the changing market conditions because it is programmed with a specific algorithm and strategy. Also a robot/EA can never understand economical/fundamental analysis. That is why all robots/EAs make profits for some days/ weeks, but finally fails and wipe out the entire money in the forex account. Therefore we strive hard to analyze the market and trade 100% manually.

Our clients: Our clients include institutional, high net-worth individuals and corporate investors as well as professional advisors, fund managers, money managers, financial planners, attorneys, stockbrokers and insurance corporations - people who wish to benefit from correctly implemented trading strategies and techniques in foreign exchange trading.


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