How to invest in CitadelFxFund

Step 1
Log in to your trader's room using your login and password.

Step 2
Hover your mouse on the investment tab, in the drop down menu, click on “My Investment”.

Step 3
On the Investment page, Look for the highlighted word "Find Strategy" or "Find a strategy" and click on it to open a pop up search window for a strategy. type in "Citadelfxfund Macro" in the strategy search box and click "Search". The Strategy/PAMM Investment Account will come out. Click on it to show the details of the Strategy/PAMM Investment Account, which is the Aggressive fund management account. 

Step 4

Click on invest at the right hand side of the pop out page. Type out the amount that you want to invest and set your stop-loss level to protect 60% of your invested capital for the Aggressive PAMM account "CitadelFxFund Macro" (assuming you are investing $10,000 you should set your stop-loss level at $6,000 for the Aggressive PAMM account) then agree with the terms and conditions and click on “Invest”.

Step 6
You will be getting daily statement of your investment’s performance in your email, or you can log in to your trader room to view your investment’s performance at any time using an internet enabled device.

Contact us or the broker if you have any issue.

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