How to open, verified and fund your Megatransfer Account

How to open your Megatransfer personal account

Step 1
Click here to go to Megatransfer’s website

Step 2
On the home page, click on the button “REGISTER NOW” to direct you to a page where you fill a form to open your account.

Step 3
On one of the pop out page, under PERSONAL ACCOUNT, click on CREATE ACCOUNT or under account type, you select Personal

Step 4
Fill in your email address where you see email

Step 5
Use the radio buttons to select your preferred starting currencies (Main currencies Recommended) 

Step 6
Click the button NEXT to fill the rest of the form.

Step 7
After completely filling the form and submitting it, an email will be sent to you to activate your account. Activate your account to complete the account registration process.

How to verify your Megatransfer account

You will need to verify your account in other to use Megatransfer without limit. Note that you cannot even make any transfer no matter how small without verification. Follow the steps below to verify your account.

Step 1
Sign in to your magatransfer account using your account email as your Username and fill in your Password and click the button “SIGN IN”

Step 2
Clicking the menu button My Account will open a page where you will see the button VERIFY MY ACCOUNT

Step 3
Clicking on the button VERIFY MY ACCOUNT will open a page where you will need to send 2 verification documents.

1. Proof of Identity - Passport, National ID cards, National Driver’s license, or any other government issued cards.
  • The copy must be fully legible.
  • The copy must be colored.
  • The copy must carry a clear and identifiable photograph.
  • The copy must carry a signature (in some cases).

2. Proof of Residence - Bank Statement or Utility bill.
  • The copy must be colored.
  • The copy must be issued in your name.
  • The copy must contained your registered address (I.e the address you use in registering your account with Megatransfer).
  • The copy must be issued without the last 3 months.
  • The copy cannot be the same as provided for in proof of Identity

Step 4
After your account as been verified, you will been be inform through an email from Megatransfer or when you sign in to your account.

How to verify your Bank VISA/MASTERCARD credit/debit card

To verify bank cards, you must upload the following in your dashboard;

Scans of the card and ID of the cardholder in one of the following formats (.jpeg, .jpg, .gif, .png.) following the below instructions.

  • The copy must be in color.
  • Megatransfer only accept direct copies, secondary ones (copy of a copy (I.e photocopy) are not accepted.
  • All sensitive data on the card must be covered - middle of the card number on both sides (the first 4 or 6 and last 4 digits should be visible) and CVC/CVV code on the back.
  • Back of the card must be signed by the owner.
  • The whole surface of the card/ID must be in frame and readable. The edges should not be “cut off”.
  • If there are watermarks or other patterns on the surface of ID or card, they should be clearly visible.
How to deposit to your Megatransfer account

Step 1
Sign in to your Megatransfer account.

Step 2
In your dashboard, click on the menu button “Deposit”.

On the next page select your preferred deposit option (Bank cards, Bank transfer, etc.) and proceed to deposit funds into your Megatransfer account. Note that the fastest way to deposit and withdraw from your Megatranfer is through your Bank VISA/MASTERCARD credit/debit card.

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