How to fund your Circlemarkets’s investment wallet

Note:You need to be verified and approved before funding your account.

Step 1

Visit the link here to know more about Megatransfer payment services and also visit other links on their website to know more about them and their licensed and regulatory status. Please do not forget to visit their FAQ .
 Another option of funding your Circlemarkets account is through Your Bank Mastercard/Visa debit card, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin and Bank wire.

Step 2

Login to your Circlemarkets’s trader room using your Login and
your password

Step 3

Click on the tab “Make deposit” under Wallets tab to open a pop out page to deposit your funds.

Step 4

In the pop out page, under wallet, select your Investment Account that you want to fund.

Step 5

In the pop out page, under Payment Option, click on MEGATRANSFER, Mastercard/Visa card, Skrill, Neteller, Bitcoin or Bank wire logo to make your deposit. You will need have an account with one of this payment options. 

Step 6

Still in the pop out page, select or type the amount that you want to deposit and click Deposit to deposit using the available deposit options.

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